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Mighty Discount Automotive has been part of Long Island’s Centereach community for over 34 years! We started as Mighty Discount Muffler by master automotive technician Ron Colantonio in 1984 with hope and faith in his love for cars. Since 1984, Mighty Discount Automotive has outperformed numerous tides of “big chain automotive shops” cropping up on Middle Country Road with a rock solid mantra, “Treat every customer’s car like your own.” 

Ron’s sons Frank and Ron Jr. have grown up around the shop to become the master mechanics that they are today. With numerous certifications and certificates proudly displayed on the wall at Mighty Discount Auto, like their father, they have 10W40 running through their veins!

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Ron Colantonio
Ron Colantonio
Ron Colantonio has been a master mechanic since 1963. With faith and love for cars, he opened Mighty Discount Automotive’s doors in 1984. Since opening Mighty’s garage doors, he has helped thousands of happy customers. He treats every customer like family and helps them the same with whatever questions that they might have about their service using easy to understand terms. Since 1984 he made sure that Mighty Discount Automotive holds steadfast in their mission statement of “treating every customer’s car like your own.” Ron breaks all the molds of the auto shop cliche; never scaring or pushing the customer for repairs they do not need.
Frank Colantonio
Frank Colantonio
Most of Frank’s life has been spend around cars. Frank joined the Mighty Team after working as a union welder. Frank has close to 15 years experience in designing and installing custom exhaust. His custom exhaust systems far exceeds any exhaust system kit that is available. He is also our main guy when it comes to the heavy work such as engine, transmission, and differential swaps.
Andrew Koehler
Andrew Koehler
Andrew has 16 years experience in the industry. He loves to take on the tough jobs, in his own words, “the harder, the better!”. Andrew is a well rounded mechanic with strengths in all aspects of automotive repair and service. Andrew joined the Mighty Team after working for many years on maintaining and repairing a large critical fleet of vehicles for the highway department. Andrew possess the patience and tenacity that is needed in this industry, ensuring that he gets the job done right the first time!
Ron Colantonio Jr
Ron Colantonio Jr
Ron Jr. had developed a passion for car and trucks at the age of 13. With attending American Automotive Diesel in Denver, CO and acquiring his ASE certification, Ron Jr. is the “heart surgeon” of the Mighty Team since 1994. Ron Jr. is also certified by the State of New York in electronics, technology and emissions. His passion is technology, electrical diagnostics and being able to fix auto issues that other shops cannot. Ron Jr. specializes in diesel technology and diagnostics.